Shrub and Shutter

Shrub and Shutter Any bar that has ‘and’ in the middle of its name is always going to have connotations of a big traditional boozer, or one of its modern, trendier incarnations. Rose and Crown, Slug and Lettuce… you get my drift. So, it was a surprise to find the Shrub and Shutter is none […]

Draft House

The Draft House, Clapham Of course, as you might expect from people dedicated to bars, cocktails are our thing. Beer has been a bit of a mystery to us… especially those real ales beloved of your original beardy CAMRA types who proudly sported the hirsute look long before hipsters stole their whole vibe. But when […]

Drink Shop Do

Drink Shop Do We couldn’t say it better than they say it themselves… “Café by day, bar by night, fun things to do.” It’s a simple recipe, but hey, it works so well. And in gorgeously kitsch retro surroundings. So, hats off to Kristie Bishop and Coralie Sleap who first opened Drink, Shop Do as […]

Tate Modern Bar

Tate Modern Bar Drink in some culture, then down some more drinks whilst taking in one of the most beautiful views in London… Now there are some bars that are notable because their very altitude gives them commanding views over this great city. And then there are bars that are simply breathtaking because of what […]

Wiltons Music Hall

 Wiltons Music Hall It’s great to be able to impress a date with your knowledge of London’s coolest, most eclectic venues. And it’s always great to have something to do on a date just in case the conversation starts to fade. Cue Wilton’s Music Hall, situated in one of London’s oldest and most notorious areas […]

Adventure Bar

Adventure Bar  Some bars are just too full of themselves… too cool, or just too pretentious to have a really good time. This is not one of them. This is a bar where they know how to party – and that’s just the staff. But you know what? It’s those fun loving staff that really […]

All Star Lanes Holborn

All Star Lanes  Remember when you were a kid? You had to ‘do’ something for a party. Go-karting, mini-golf, the cinema… or even bowling which had the added advantage of being weather proof! And that’s what makes the All Star Lanes in Holborn such a great party venue… eat, drink, be merry, invite your classmates […]

The Artesian Bar

The Artesian Bar Any bar that not only won the crown of World’s Best Bar in 2012, but defended it successfully in 2013 and 2014, deserves to be on our list. As hotel bars go, The Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel has exactly what it takes to be one of the best hotel bars […]

The American Bar

The American Bar Well, it’s got to be on our list hasn’t it? So, here’s to The American Bar – Best Hotel Bars London. No other bar in London has the fame, the fortune, the fabulous décor, the fantastic cocktails that this one does. Despite the Savoy’s recent multi-million pound refurbishment program, the American Bar […]