The Lucky Pig

The Lucky Pig

The Lucky Pig

What do I think of cocktails that are served in Jam Jars? Well, I think they’re worth preserving.

Boom, boom, thank you, I’ll be here all night…

Actually, I could be here all night, because this is just the kind of bar that ticks all the boxes for me as one of the best bars in London. Small, friendly, decadent, eclectic and interesting. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

Down the metal staircase and through the basement entrance you’ll find seductive, secretive and bookable cavern type booths hidden behind red velvet curtains – while elsewhere you’ll find shabby chic sofas and comfy chairs to sink into.

The bar serves up delicious cocktails, craft beers, and some decent pizzas, bar snacks and sharing boards to help soak it all up. You’ll encounter friendly people both behind and in front of the bar and lots of live music to add to the atmosphere. It’s a real contender for one of the best cool and quirky bars in London. Or one of the best party bars in London. And, if you’re in a booth, romance might get a look in too!

When it’s quiet it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, when it’s busy it’s a great place to be at the centre of that hustle and bustle. The night we visited the human jukebox was about to get going… In the shape of talented musician Tony Bowen, who takes tweets of any song you’d like to hear and serves up his own accomplished interpretations.

And that cocktail in a Jam Jar? It was a tantalisingly tasty concoction of rum, bitters, brown sugar and orange, that spread itself warmly through my body and whetted my appetite for more. Many, many more.

Lucky Pig? Lucky us.

The Lucky Pig is at
5 Clipstone Street,