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Refuel Bar at the Soho Hotel – – 

Soho, always seems to be buzzing… its streets packed every night of the week with revellers, ravers and roustabouts. The endless bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants run the whole gamut of styles, cuisine and salubriousness. Some of them get crowded, some get wild, some get seedy. Some get all three. So, it’s always great to find a bar you can escape too, where, even if it’s crowded, it’s cool and classy.

That’s what you get at Refuel in the Soho Hotel. The whole joint is owned by Firmdale Hotels who seem to have found a winning recipe for their small chain of hotels… including our firm favourite Ham Yard in nearby St James’.

The hotel’s interior has been designed by co-founder Kit Kemp in classically cool British style. Fittingly, given the area’s history, the hotel includes two film screening room and a film club. At weekends families can even enjoy a kid’s film with a buffet lunch to get everyone both fed and entertained. Elsewhere chic salons and public rooms are the perfect place for lounging around and enjoying afternoon tea.

But, enough of that, let’s get back to the bar. An early evening of bar investigations had taken in some hectic happy hour haunts. After which we were in search of something a little different with a touch more decorum. Thus we happened upon the Soho Hotel, hidden away in a quiet mews just metres away from the frenetic thoroughfares surrounding it. Here we were greeted exceptionally warmly and welcomed into the very stylish Refuel bar.

This is just the kind of place we like to while the hours away in. What can I say? It just feels right in every way. The staff were delightful, the drinks delicious, the decor delectable. The long, luxurious bar ensured that there were no unsightly scrums or queues. I sipped upon a Passion Bellini, my companion tucked into a Twisted Mojito. The hours slipped by as the drinks slipped down. Warm seasonal cocktails were taken to prepare ourselves for the cold, wet, winter night that awaited outside our warm haven of hospitality.

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Any gripes? None at all. But a question… I get the name Refuel. It is a place to you can take in a few drinks in lovely surroundings, ready to head out into the big city. But Refuel sounds to me like you’re filling up with fuel. And nothing could be further from the truth. Here, in the heart of Soho, only the finest cocktails will keep you going.


4 Richmond Mews,