London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week… 1 week and counting

It’s one week to the start of London Cocktail Week. That leaves two options for your preparation…

The first is to have a week off, maybe detox a little, drinks lots of water, get a few early nights in and book a few recovery days off.

The second is to carry on as normal, enjoy a few drinks, then a few more, stay up late, drink loads of coffee and work on your ‘why I’m late this morning’ excuses.

After all, you wouldn’t want the shock and impact of a week devoted to everything that’s good about cocktails, throwing you off your game.

Hmmm… I know which I’ll be choosing.

More to the point now’s the time, if you haven’t already, to visit and order your LCW wristband. The princely sum of just £10 will get you cocktails for the decidedly bargain price of £4 at all sorts of great bars and pop-ups across the capital during the week.

You’ll also find all the details about participating bars, pop-ups, master-classes, events, offers and much more.