Gilbert Scott

Gilbert Scott

The Gilbert Scott at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Gilbert Scott sounds like a Victorian expletive in the fine tradition of ‘Gordon Bennett’ and ‘What the Dickens’. Which is particularly apt – because it would be perfectly natural to utter a powerful exclamation of wonder once you enter this stunning bar and restaurant through the heavy revolving doors that mark the entrance.

The decor really is breathtaking. Mere words can’t do it justice… the bar which you enter is toweringly tall ceilinged and packed with glorious gold leaf, gilt and fin de siècle glamour. Steps ahead of you lead up to the restaurant, but why go further than the bar? On your left you’ll find comfortable seats to sink into while supping your selected cocktail. On the right stands the bar itself, a beautiful construction of dark metal, gleaming glasses and many hued spirit bottles

The staff are dutiful, the drinks delightful. My pocketful of rye bourbon-based cocktail was very, very moreish, as was the delicious smoked butter and paprika popcorn that kindly accompanied it. But it’s difficult to concentrate on the drinks and nibbles when you’re surrounded by such amazing décor. With an ornate, eastern influenced painted ceiling punctuated at each end with vast golden, bell shaped chandeliers you can’t help but stare in amazed delight and imagine yourself in a bygone era of decadence.

If you’re wondering who Gilbert Scott was, well Sir George Gilbert Scott to give him his full name, was the man who designed Kings Cross Station – and the Albert Memorial – both shining examples of splendid Victorian Gothic revival architecture

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Euston Rd