Bassoon Bar

Bassoon Bar Here’s a riddle: which hotel has the best bar in London, but isn’t the best bar in London (although it is one of them)? The answer: The Bassoon Bar at The Corinthia Hotel. Here’s why… the actual bar, the one the drinks are expertly mixed behind, is a virtuoso piece of design which stretches […]

The Blue Bar

The Blue Bar Some of the best hotel bars in London are cool in a trendy, flavour of the month way. Whether it’s a trendy small new boutique hotel bar, or a 7 star, see-and-be-seen homage to chic celebrity culture. But the Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel is just achingly, blissfully cool in both […]

The Artesian Bar

The Artesian Bar Any bar that not only won the crown of World’s Best Bar in 2012, but defended it successfully in 2013 and 2014, deserves to be on our list. As hotel bars go, The Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel has exactly what it takes to be one of the best hotel bars […]

The American Bar

The American Bar Well, it’s got to be on our list hasn’t it? So, here’s to The American Bar – Best Hotel Bars London. No other bar in London has the fame, the fortune, the fabulous décor, the fantastic cocktails that this one does. Despite the Savoy’s recent multi-million pound refurbishment program, the American Bar […]