The Shadow Lounge

The Shadow Lounge This legendary London hangout has a history and glamour all of its own. It lays claim to being London’s first ever gay cocktail lounge. And while some may debate that, there’s no debating it’s appeal and popularity. That’s what makes The Shadow Lounge one of our best gay bars in London. Still […]

Freedom Bar

Freedom Bar The Freedom Bar is just chic and sophisticated enough to convince you you’ve come somewhere special – and friendly and fun enough to make you believe you belong here too. We’re into bars, so we naturally gravitate towards the stylish upstairs bar, where happy hour reigns long and happy for 5 nights of […]

Central Station

Central Station An inclusive, inspired, innovative institution on the London gay scene. Central Station is not loud, brash or in your face, but it is fun, friendly and forever ready to welcome everyone who just wants to have a good time in good surroundings. That’s why Central Station is one of our best gay bars […]