Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness Trailer Happiness has been winning many happy fans ever since it opened its doors in Portobello Road. You can see easily see why. To start with the staff and owners are so friendly and laid back you feel you’ve stepped into a support group rather than a bar. Albeit one with its own […]

The Toy Shop

The Toy Shop It’s worth the trip to Putney to visit this outpost of outrageously juvenile fun, one of the best cool bars London. Dedicated to a more carefree age – and we’re talking ages 5-15 not the 1960’s, The Toy Shop is an homage to happy childhood days, with a party atmosphere that even extends […]

McQueen Bar

McQueen Bar As bars go, we often equate quirky with cool. But sometimes cool is just cool. Take Steve McQueen for example. There was just something about the guy that was effortlessly admirable. And a bar named and themed after him has just got to be cool too – even if it only by a […]

Drink Shop Do

Drink Shop Do We couldn’t say it better than they say it themselves… “Café by day, bar by night, fun things to do.” It’s a simple recipe, but hey, it works so well. And in gorgeously kitsch retro surroundings. So, hats off to Kristie Bishop and Coralie Sleap who first opened Drink, Shop Do as […]

Callooh Callay Bar

Callooh Callay “And, has thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’ He chortled in his joy” Callooh Callay, named after a phrase from Lewis Carrol’s nonsense poem The Jabberwocky, has been making perfect sense since it opened back in 2008. So much so that it makes […]