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Tate Modern Bar best bars views london

Best Views Bar:
Tate Modern Bar

Tate Modern Bar

Drink in some culture, then down some more drinks whilst taking in one of the most beautiful views in London…

Now there are some bars that are notable because their very altitude gives them commanding views over this great city. And then there are bars that are simply breathtaking because of what you are looking at.

The Tate Modern bar on the 7th floor of The Tate Modern Art Gallery falls firmly into the second category. Situated right on the Southbank of the Thames it would be great just to sit here (or stand, as it does get fairly busy) and watch the river. You could even admire the famous wobbly bridge – more correctly entitled the Millenium Footbridge – especially when it’s lit up at night.

But let’s face, the view is dominated by the majesty of St Paul’s Cathedral sitting atop Ludgate Hill on the opposite bank. And if that doesn’t stir something in you, then you probably haven’t had enough drinks yet.

Talking of drinks, what about them? To be frank, who cares? They are all perfectly serviceable… but have you seen the view? Want a snack…? Try some of the tasty tapas… but really… have you seen the view?

Tate Modern Bar – Best Views London? Definitely.

The Tate Modern Bar