the zetter townhouse

Zetter Townhouse

Zetter Townhouse

Making your date feel comfortable is an essential pre-requisite of a romantic night out. Making them feel special also helps. Making them feel like they’re in an episode of a period English drama – all Georgian architecture, perfect proportions and delightful décor – might just seal the deal.

That’s what you get in the Cocktail Lounge at the Zetter Townhouse. The elegant, charming design is themed around ‘Aunt Wilhelmina’, an eccentric, well travelled and entirely imaginary character whose collection of artefacts – gathered from years of globe-trotting – adorns the room.

The cocktail bar itself is under the direction of a renowned mixologist, or as we like to call them, barman. The distinctive and decidedly delicious cocktails pay homage to an age of empire where wild and wonderful ‘medicinal’ ingredients were gathered from the four corners of the earth… so look forward to tinctures, infusions, cordials and bitters to add intrigue to your imbibing.

First class food is also available from award-winning chef Bruno Loubet.  And, as the Zetter Townhouse is also a truly bewitching boutique townhouse hotel, there are rooms if you want your romantic evening to extend to a ravishing night.

Booking a table in the bar is recommended so you can sit back, relax, enjoy the atmosphere, watch the well-heeled clientele and wait for the magic to work

Zetter Townhouse
49-50 St John’s Square