Roxy Bar and screen

Roxy Bar and Screen

Roxy Bar and Screen

In the old days you invariably took your latest date to the cinema. It had many advantages for budding young couples. It was dark. It was relatively cheap. You didn’t have to talk too much.

You could show your sensitive side if you were a boy by choosing a chick flick and dabbing away the tears that showed how ‘in touch’ with your feelings you were. If you were a girl you could suffer through Rambo XV and pretend you enjoyed mass destruction.

It was also accepted that some canoodling might be going on towards the back. Many cinemas even had a bar so you could fortify yourself beforehand.

Now update that concept to a retro themed basement in cool and trendy Southwark. And, instead of a cinema with a bar, try a bar with a cinema. Throw in a great program of films, tasty food, a superb sound system, all the drinks and cocktails you could want, comfy sofas facing the screen with tables and chairs dotted around the perimeter and you’ve got a great venue for romance.

If you’re a member you can book a sofa in advance, if you’re not you can still get in, but arrive early or take pot-luck with where you get to sit. Films are shown Sunday to Wednesday. Turn up any other time and you’ll be in the middle of a music and dancing venue… which is better suited to a rave than a romance. And unless your date is a footy fan, check to make sure it’s not a football night when big matches are shown on the big screen.

Roxy Bar and Screen 
128-132 Borough
High Street