Grand union Farringdon best party bars london

Grand Union Farringdon

Grand Union Farringdon

One in a group of eight fun loving London bars, Grand Union Farringdon is one of the most central and lays claim to be the jewel in the crown of the chain. And who are we to disagree?

The place looks opulent and sophisticated. Grand gilded frames adorn the paintings that dot the walls. Heavy hanging, tasseled velvet curtains drape themselves decadently to the floor. Antique furniture and mirrors add to the overall effect. But don’t be fooled, or put off. This is no museum or venerable gentleman’s club. This is a fun time venue that really gets jumping on the weekend when the resident DJs start doing their thing.

The clientele gives a good vibe too. They’re just here to have fun, not to pose or preen… well, not all of them anyway. Instead they’re here to dive into some great drinks – from well-made cocktails to the great selection of beers and wine. And, if they choose to soak it up with some food, there’s a fulfilling choice of burgers, pizzas, ribs and snacks to tuck into.

Want some space for your party…? Try to book one of the sought after booths for the VIP touch.

Grand Union Farringdon 
55 Charterhouse St