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The Blue Bar

The Blue Bar

Some of the best hotel bars in London are cool in a trendy, flavour of the month way. Whether it’s a trendy small new boutique hotel bar, or a 7 star, see-and-be-seen homage to chic celebrity culture.

But the Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel is just achingly, blissfully cool in both ambience and decor. I mean, it literally is blue… all breathtakingly beautifully blue.

Don’t worry though, the blue hues won’t dazzle you… they are far too tasteful and refined for that. Think regency… think pastels… think which one of their expertly made cocktails you’ll choose… think; ‘I’m sure that person over there is famous…”

You’ve got to see it to understand what we’re talking about. Pictures can’t do it justice. It’s small and it’s perfectly formed. And its very coolness attracts a rich – and often famous – clientele.

So, be cool. Just revel in the surroundings and enjoy the delicious cocktails and ambience.

The Blue Bar
The Berkeley Hotel,
Wilton Place,