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Bassoon Bar

Bassoon Bar

Here’s a riddle: which hotel has the best bar in London, but isn’t the best bar in London (although it is one of them)?

The answer: The Bassoon Bar at The Corinthia Hotel.

Here’s why… the actual bar, the one the drinks are expertly mixed behind, is a virtuoso piece of design which stretches elegantly for seven metres until it segues seamlessly into a perfectly proportioned piano.

It is truly stunning… and the bar is pretty good too.

The décor ticks all the right boxes for a top quality hotel bar; art deco influence, low-lit, sophisticated, lavish, seductive and intimate, without being cramped.

The cocktails are delicious, decadent and very dear, every ingredient is carefully selected and sourced – even the ice – and every drink carefully crafted by master mixologists.

And that stunning piano doesn’t sit idle – there’s a regular weekly program of quality jazz musicians, a distinct cut above your standard hotel bar fodder.

It all adds up to a great bar, hotel or not. One in the tradition of the original Metropole Hotel, which occupied the site in the 20s and counted Winston Churchill and Buffalo Bill amongst its guests – as well as securing Mantovani as the resident musician!

Bassoon Bar 
Corinthia Hotel
Whitehall Place, London,