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The Connaught Bar

The Best Hotel Bar

The Connaught Bar

What’s the recipe for the best hotel bar? Well, a great hotel bar has to have presence… it’s got to have glamour… it’s got to have great cocktails served by attentive, but not over-zealous professionals.

Personally, we like a hotel bar heavy on the style, light on the stuffiness. Not a party venue, but a destination… a bar where great evenings start… and end… where assignations are fulfilled, promises made and deals done.

But to be the best, there has to be one more thing… but we’re damned if we know how to describe it. It’s a secret ingredient, an unfathomable ambience… so welcome to the Connaught Bar – the best hotel bar london

The décor of this beautiful bar, nestled in the sumptuous 5 Star Connaught Hotel is cool, elegant and inspired, apparently, by cubist and Irish art of the 1920s. That’s great to know, but even nicer to drink in. It oozes sophistication, or should we say reflects it, because the art deco design shines with silver leaf.

But that’s just the surroundings. And, as they say it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside. Once you get a few of their incredibly good – and expensive – cocktails down, you’ll know what we mean. They even have a martini trolley that will pull up to your table, and create the most magical martinis for your delectation and delight.

The Connaught Bar has won all sorts of awards – and it deserves them all. It can get busy – what else would you expect? But get dressed up, get a table and get an insight into what being the best hotel bar in London means. One final tip – don’t confuse The Connaught Bar with the Coburg Bar, the lovely, but smaller ‘second’ bar at the same hotel.

The Connaught Bar
The Connaught Hotel
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