The shadow lounge

The Shadow Lounge

The Shadow Lounge

This legendary London hangout has a history and glamour all of its own. It lays claim to being London’s first ever gay cocktail lounge. And while some may debate that, there’s no debating it’s appeal and popularity. That’s what makes The Shadow Lounge one of our best gay bars in London.

Still opulent, still enticing, still exclusive it’s still attracting a well-heeled and well dressed clientele out to have a good time. There are different themes on different nights, with the weekends given over to crowd pleasing international pop.

The décor reflects the disco vibe and the fibre optic ceiling throws light on the party atmosphere – and occasionally the odd celebrity or two. Remember, it’s ostensibly a members club, so if you definitely want to get in, grab a member, or get yourself on the guest list.

While it does have booths – and wonderfully hunky hosts and waiters this isn’t the place for a quiet drink or an intimate rendez-vous. It’s a place to bring friends, meet friends, down some serious cocktails, kick back and have glamourous fun. The Shadow Lounge – one of the best gay bars in London.

The Shadow Lounge 
Brewer Street,