Central Station best gay bars london

Central Station

Central Station

An inclusive, inspired, innovative institution on the London gay scene. Central Station is not loud, brash or in your face, but it is fun, friendly and forever ready to welcome everyone who just wants to have a good time in good surroundings. That’s why Central Station is one of our best gay bars London.

Tucked away behind Kings Cross Station you’ll find a bar and cabaret area on the ground floor featuring an eclectic mix of acts and events night after night from sultry singers to full blown drag queens and disco. There’s even a pool table if you feel the need to get sporty.

Upstairs there is a dining area with a tantalising roof terrace – the ideal place to while away a few hours with friends on a warm summer evening. The food is good, the drinks match it and while there may not be the most comprehensive cocktail menu you’ve ever seen, Central Station more than makes up for it with atmosphere.

There’s even accommodation available if you’re visiting and want a simple, stylish place to lay your head for the night.

Central Station 
37 Wharfdale Road
Kings Cross
N1 9SD