Lansdowne Club

Best Swims London – the Lansdowne Club London is not just a city blessed with great bars. It’s a city brimming with clubs… from the old and esteemed such as Whites and Boodles, to the new and trendy such as Soho House and The Library. There are clubs for Ex Public School boys, artists, actors, […]

Trained in the art of drinking

Trained in the art of drinking Commuting can be a chore at the best of times… And once upon a time, in a more, (or is that less) enlightened time, the custodians of our public transport knew that. They cared for us and wanted our journeys to be better, more enjoyable experiences. So they did […]

Champagne Bar at the Royal Opera House

Champagne Bar at the Royal Opera House In that 1980s ode to excess that is Pretty Woman, Richard Gere’s character, before taking prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivienne to the Opera, spins her some line about people either loving or hating the Opera the first time they see it. Fair enough, you just better hope your first opera isn’t […]