Searcys Champagne Bar

Searcy’s Champagne Bar – St Pancras International Station – What better way to prepare yourself for a trip to Paris than taking on board a few glasses of champagne? And what better place to do that than the stunningly appointed Searcy’s champagne bar? Occupying a prime position overlooking the grandly refurbished St Pancras International Station […]

How to survive Christmas drinks

How to survive Christmas drinks You can see Christmas is greeting into full swing in the bars, restaurants and pubs of London. Eye wateringly expensive Christmas menus are appearing. Seasonal cocktails of varying degrees of expertise and allure are appearing. Mulled wine has been spotted. Tinsel and trees are taking over. More to the point […]

Refuel Bar Soho Hotel

Refuel Bar at the Soho Hotel – –  Soho, always seems to be buzzing… its streets packed every night of the week with revellers, ravers and roustabouts. The endless bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants run the whole gamut of styles, cuisine and salubriousness. Some of them get crowded, some get wild, some get seedy. Some […]

Getting Mist on Gin

From metal mickey to getting mist on gin Today I was accosted by one of those annoying banner ads that we all suffer in return for the wonder of the Internet. It proclaimed the delights of Royal Caribbean Cruises, and in particular their latest innovation, the robotic barman. Imagine… your drinks served by a faultless […]

Powder Keg Diplomacy

Powder Keg Diplomacy – They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But they didn’t take into account the poor souls who haven’t managed to drag themselves up in time for it. And that’s quite a lot of us come the weekend. So, step forward brunch, the most important meal of the […]

The Lucky Pig

The Lucky Pig What do I think of cocktails that are served in Jam Jars? Well, I think they’re worth preserving. Boom, boom, thank you, I’ll be here all night… Actually, I could be here all night, because this is just the kind of bar that ticks all the boxes for me as one of […]